Portsmouth 2021 Postponement

It is with regret that once again we need to postpone the 3rd International Rudimental Drummers Symposium. I am sure it won’t come as any big surprise, but with the global pandemic still effecting our lives, myself, the UK team and the SIRD committee feel that this is the most pragmatic option.

COVID-19 is now on the back foot and as the vaccine rolls out across the world, hopefully we will start to see the beginnings of normality return. That said, it will be many months before global travel returns to anywhere near it was prior to Covid.

Our aim has always been to share our art with as many drummers as possible from across the globe, so any restrictions that make international travel prohibitive will greatly diminish this objective. Having a rich blend of styles, traditions and cultures is what makes SIRD so unique and our symposiums so much fun!

During the last month we have been busy securing new dates for our venues and hotel, ensuring we can deliver this event in the manner and style we envisioned. So - drum roll please 🥁🥁🥁 - The Third International Rudimental Drummers’ Symposium will take place in Portsmouth, UK between Friday 16th and Sunday 18th September 2022!
In the coming weeks we will update all information regarding the event.

Apologies for the apparent lack of information recently but, as you can imagine, securing venues and dates has taken some time. Plus we wanted to make sure we were not making this decision too early.
Stay safe. Keep drumming.