2nd SIRD Symposium

 From September 28-30 fifty-seven rudimental drummers from 13 countries met in Paris to share musical traditions from their countries relating to Rudimental Drumming, discuss notational systems and their impact on performance, discuss best practices around education and organization of support for traditional activities, and to learn and perform traditional rudimental drumming from each others culture together. The event was hosted by the French drumming society Tambours d'89 at the historic and majestic Les Invalides in Paris, France. .


  • Welcome - Yvon Roussel, Tambours d’89, France
  • Double Stroke Rolls “a la Française”, Sound and Cognitive Illusion - Olivier Mollon, France
  • American Rudimental Bass Drumming - Dave Loyal, United States
  • The Importance of Good Posture - Jamie Ritchie, Royal Marines, UK
  • Lessons Learned Preserving Traditional Music - Scott Mitchell, United States
  • Évolutions  de  l’écriture: La  révolution  de  l’ordonnance  de  1754  - Thierry Bouzard and Axel Chagnon, France
  • 440 Years of Drumming in Switzerland - Markus Estermann, Switzerland
  • Past 50 years style evolution in Switzerland -  Roman Lombriser, Switzerland
  • Royal Marines Style of Composition and Writing - Christopher Harris and Mike Thomas, UK
  • Russian Rudimental Drumming - Pavel Stepanov, Russia
  • Honoring  the  past  through  contemporary  writing  techniques  for the  field  drum - Peter Vulperhorst, The Netherlands
  • Modern Notation in Switzerland - Phillip Rütsche, Switzerland
  • Changement de l'écriture du coup de charge - Pierre-Yves Le Chenadec
  • Collaborative Learning and Rehearsals - Phil Hawkins, UK
  • “Accelerando” - Edith Habraken, Switzerland
  • Rudimental Drumming in Australia -  Ben van den Akker, Australia
  • The Way Forward - Mark Reilly, United States
  • Symposium 2020 Portsmouth - Russel Piner, UK