The Society of International Rudimental Drummers (“Society” or SIRD) is a non-profit organization founded in 2018 in Paris by Drummers from 15 countries.

SIRD is a global movement to:

  • Share knowledge and innovation in Rudimental Drumming globally
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information on Rudimental Drumming
  • Educate and Coach young talent
  • Officially represent Rudimental Drumming and act as an ambassador to support the needs and the progress of its chapters
  • Organize and promote events and gatherings for the group
  • Build a library to protect the knowledge and literature on rudimental drumming for today and future generations


Countries are organized in chapters. A country can have one or more chapters to represent the different flavours of “Rudimental Drumming” and varieties of cultures. Chapters are represented by members only. Click here for our chapters list.

Members of the Society

The members of the Society are dedicated to Rudimental Drumming and representing their chapters. These individuals are experts on “Rudimental Drumming” and committed to the values and vision of the Society. Members are assigned by the Board and elected by the (General) Assembly of the Society or elected and delegated by a chapters.

Associated Members

Associated members of SIRD are private individuals, related institutions and business related companies which support and sponsor SIRD. They are invited to actively participate at events and workshops organized by SIRD.


The symposium is a global forum for rudimental drumming.

General Assembly

The Assembly is part of the Symposium and defines the Organization and Strategies of the Society. The Members of the Society are the Chapters.