Portsmouth 2021

International Rudimental Drummers’ Symposium

The Society of International Rudimental Drummers (SIRD) is organising the 3rd global symposium for rudimental drummers, which this year will be in Portsmouth, United Kingdom between Friday the 18th & Sunday the 20th June 2021.


  • International exchange of drummers from across the world, with an emphasis on “rudimental drumming” with rope-tensioned and traditional marching drums
  • Better understanding of the different forms of notations, their interpretation and country-specific techniques
  • Discussions for the development and innovation of drumming
  • Youth development forum to discuss possible strategies moving forward
  • Presentation of education concepts from different countries
  • Plan future SIRD events
  • Establishment of an international network


To motivate as many people as possible to attend the event, the entry fee has been fixed at the lowest possible price of £200 (USD 240 or EUR 220) The fee buys you two nights in the hotel, all meals and refreshments during the symposium as well as various other expenses. The drinks which you consume during meals are billed separately.

A rough break-down of costs are as follow:

  • £100​​ Accommodation (2 x nights B&B)
  • £70​ ​All food (Friday pm – Sunday am)
  • £5​​ Registration / Administration
  • £25​​ Gifts / Merchandise 
  • £200​​ TOTAL


Portsmouth is a dynamic and vibrant waterfront city with a proud naval and maritime heritage. Offering magnificent world-class visitor attractions, museums and galleries, unique shopping destinations, great places to eat and miles of beautiful waterfront, Portsmouth has something for absolutely everyone. Ideally situated on the south coast of England, the UK’s only island city is ideal for a short break by the sea. For further information about the City of Portsmouth go to: visitportsmouth.co.uk

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

The Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is home of the National Museum of the Royal Navy and features many historic buildings, ships and exhibits, which are open to the general public. The Historic Dockyard will be one of the main venues for the Symposium as we will using the Victory Port Arena for a concert on the Sunday. Entry to the site is free but tickets must be purchased to entre certain attractions. We will also be using the Action Stations’ conference centre…

Action Stations

Actions Stations is a high-tech interactive attraction housed in Boathouse 6. The building also houses a conferencing centre with a 275-seat auditorium, separate conferencing room and full catering facilities. Action Stations will be our main venue for the clinics, workshops and masterclasses on the Saturday.


Royal Maritime Club Hotel

Participants will be accommodated in the Royal Maritime Club Hotel, situated just a 5 minutes’ walk from the Historic Dockyard. The hotel will host the presentations and welcome reception on the Friday, formal dinner on the Saturday evening and the trade fair for the Sunday morning.

Extra night’s stay either side of the Symposium can be booked by the individual. The Royal Maritime Club Hotel will provide a code to allow booking at the discounted rate.


Other Accommodation

Further local hotel accommodation can be booked if extra nights cannot be secured at the Royal Maritime Club Hotel. Please see list of nearby hotels (closest to furthest), estimated cost per room, per night and estimated walk time to the Historic Dockyard:


All meals between the 18th and 19th will be provided and be served at the hotel or Action Stations. Breakfast is included in your stay at the hotel.


Friday 18 September 2020

AM Participants arrive
1300 Arrive at Hotel
1400 Gather in the Trafalgar Ballroom for registration and welcome drinks
1430 Opening welcome briefs
1500 Presentations
1800 Finish – break before evening
1900 Evening reception buffet – Official start to Portsmouth 2020
O/C Evening finishes

Saturday 19 September 2020

0900 Meet in hotel lobby. Walk to Action Stations (10-minute walk)
0915 Arrive at Actions Stations, Historic Dockyard
0930 Opening introduction  
1000 Start of Workshops/Masterclasses
1200 Lunch
1300 Continue
1800 Finish
1830 Move back to hotel
1930 SIRD 2020 Banquet (3 course dinner)
O/C Evening Finishes

Sunday 20 September 2020

0800 Trade stands arrive and set up for Expo
0900 General Assembly SIRD (for members only)
0900 Expo (in Ballroom)
1100 Early lunch
1200 Move to Historic Dockyard
1230 Rehearsals
1330 Concert at the HMS Victory Portside Arena
1430 Finish – Official end of Portsmouth 2020
1500 Event complete – Farewell until 2022…


Fridays’ Presentations:

The presentations on Friday evening are a chance for new countries to the Symposium an opportunity to explain the styles, traditions and movements indicative to that country. It will also be a chance for countries that have seen any significant projects take place since 2018. Proposed countries include: 

  • Japan
  • Argentina
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • Finland

Presentations will be 15 minutes in duration with a 5 minute ‘reset’ time between each.

Saturdays’ Workshops/Masterclasses:

The Saturday will be devoted to a wide range of interesting and entertaining clinics, workshops and masterclasses selected to offer the most value to the Symposium. There will also be slots available for rehearsal (to run through repertoire) and practice sessions to help ensure we have a good balance of information and drumming!

List of proposed clinicians:

  • John Wooton                  Drum Corps – 40 mins
  • Scott Jamison                 Paraddidle Madness – 20 mins
  • Jim Kilpatrick                  Pipe Band – 40 mins
  • Franze & Kerrie               Women in Drumming – 20 mins
  • Matt King                       Orchestral Application to Rudiments – 40 mins
  • Roman Lombriser            Swiss Composition – 40 mins
  • David Lindberg               Swedish Drumming Traditions – 20 mins
  • Ed Oosterom                            Dutch Marine Korps – 20 mins
  • Brendan & Colin Mason   Ancient American Drumming – 20 mis
  • British Army & HAC                  The History of British Drumming        – 20 mins
  • Theo Regis                     French Drumming – 40 mins    

Sundays’ Concert:

The Finale of the Symposium will be a joint concert on the Sunday between 1330 & 1430. This will signify the end of Portsmouth 2020, as we all come together and play a selection of shared repertoire.

The Concert will consist of 4 different elements:

  • Solos          
    Individuals or small groups perform a specific solo piece:
    • Adventures of Joe 90
    • Salute to Max Rayne
    • Drachten Elisabeth
  • Groups       
    Already established groups can put on a performance:
    • Royal Marines
    • Honourable Artillery Company
    • Patriots
  • Countries   
    Delegates perform shared pieces indicative to their country:
    • Switzerland
    • USA
    • France
  • SIRD          
    We all join together to perform a few selected pieces that we all play:
    • Downfall of Paris
    • British Grenadiers / Arabi
    • Crazy Army


  1. Royal Maritime Club Hotel
  2. Portsmouth Harbour Train      Station
  3. Entrance to Historic Dockyard
  4. Action Stations
  5. Victory Portside Arena
  6. Gunwharf Quays – shopping and entertainment
  7. Premier Inn Hotel
  8. Holiday Inn Express




You can register here.
Registration deadline is May 20, 2020.

If you have any question please email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of payment. This is the Information for the payment:

£200 (USD 240 or EUR 220)
Society of International Rudimental Drummers (SIRD)
UBS Account Wiedikon Switzerland 
IBAN ​​CH07 0027 0270 1112 3440 V

French – présentation du symposium 2020