Urs Gehrig

Urs Gehrig's drumming engagement began at the age of seven in the Tambourenverein Wangen an der Aare, where he later trained young drummers and directed the drum corps. At the Tambourenverein Laupersdorf-Thal he got the necessary education to complete the military service as a drummer with Alex Haefeli in Bern and the NCO school. During this time, Urs Gehrig also discovered his flair for composing.

Since 2007 he has been instructing the young drummers at the "Knaben- und Mädchenmusik Basel 1841". In 2017 he co-founded the "Basler Trommelakademie" (BTA) for the education of young Rudimental Drummers in Basel. Urs Gehrig is a jury member of the "Swiss Drum and Fife Association" (STPV) and has been achieved the title of "Leiter Höchststufe" (conductor masterclass). He is an honorary member of the Tambourenverein Wangen, the Tambourenvereins Laupersdorf-Thal and the Zentralschweizerischen Tambouren- and Pfeiferverband (ZTPV). Urs Gehrig discovered the Basel Fasnacht in 1997 with the clique "die Liebe Lyt" and is a founding member of the drum group "Chriesibuebe". In 2011 he initiated the "Swiss Junior Drum Show", an event for young drummers and fifers from all over Switzerland, who want to present their musical skills to an interested audience in a sophisticated atmosphere.

In 2008 Urs Gehrig started to bring his technical knowledge into building rope tensioned drums and drumheads thereof and is owner of Imperial Drums GmbH. Urs Gehrig has a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering at Biel School of Engineering, a Master of Law (lic.iur.) of the University of Fribourg and a Diploma in educational science of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. He is living with his family in Basel.