Oliver Fischer

Entlisbergstrasse 73

Meilen (CH) 8th November 1966


  • Director Culinary Excellence Gategroup / Certified Master Chef CMC
  • Music Teacher for Rudimental Drum-ming at MKZ (Music Conservatory Zur-ich)
  • Member of Honor STPV/Veteran
  • Judge and Conductor for Percus-sion/Drum and Fife Corps.


  • Spale Clique Basel
  • TV Helvetia Zürich
  • Eidg.Feldspiel
  • WJMF World Youth Music Festival Org

I began my drum career in Basel in 1976 with 9 Years in my Fasnacht Clique “Spale” where I am still an active member and enjoy the Basel Drumming and the unique Basler Fasnacht every Year.

After my Army Service where I learned the Swiss Rudimental Drumming, I had the chance to conduct the traditional Rudimental Group “Helvetia” for over 12 years where we played on several competitions and Tours and concerts successfully.
In this time, I was member of the technical commission of the STPV where I was looking after the national JUCA (National youth camps for drummers and fifers). This gave me the inspiration to start in drumming education with the goal to build a professional established musical education in schools and music con-servatories.

The STPV gave me the opportunity to come closer to the Swiss drumming and fifing in all the Regions and their Committees. Thanks to the excellent Teamwork and the support of the Swiss Army Drum Instructors we implemented a new contemporary educational concept for Rudimental Drumming in Switzerland. This Con-cept is constantly evolving and covers all styles and institutions like: STPV Drum and Fife Groups, Swiss Army Rudimental Drummers and for Drummer Education in Music schools/Conservatories to fund the future.
During this time I was in the Organization of the National Drum and Fife Competitions 2002 (Sierre), 2006 (Basel), 2010 (Interlaken) and 2014 (Frauenfeld) in several roles.

My personal Highlights was the introduction of a Educational Concept for Drummers, the National Events for Drumming and fifing in Zermatt and St. Gallen and finally the STPV Trip to the US in 2014.

Since 2006 I am teaching and conducting the Cadet Drummers “Knabenmusik” of Zurich, until last year where my former students took over. I am teaching rudimental drumming in the Music Conservatory Zurich (one of the biggest music schools from Europe with over 23’000 Students) and conduct several fifers and drum groups from 6 to 90 Years old in all styles.

The emancipation of rudimental drumming and connecting Drummers all over the world is the Vision of SIRD an my personal mission.
With SIRD we have the unique possibility to “share our Tradition” and learn from each other.