Hermann Vildoso

Hermann Vildoso was born in the city of Oruro - Bolivia. He began his professional studies in 2008 at the Plurinational Conservatory of Music (La Paz - Bolivia) in the Drum Career and completed his superior studies in 2013.

Later he specializes with great masters at the Latin American level such as: Yayo Morales (BOL), Óscar Giunta (ARG), Ramon Montagner (BRA), Damián Bonesi (ARG).

In 2015 he recorded his first instructional DVD called "El Tambor y sus Rudimentos" and in 2020 "Técnicas de pies en la Batería".

He performed on tours and recordings with great Bolivian musicians such as: Donato Espinoza, Ignacio Val, Marcos Tabera, Milton Cortez and also in different groups such as: Deszaire, Big Band Bolivia, Belle Canto, Expedición Yampu, Grupo Urbano and Zembu Jazz Trio, and more.

He is currently a Professor of the Drum Career of the Plurinational Conservatory of Music where day by day he contributes his knowledge and experience to new Bolivian talents.