George Kazianis

George Kazianis is a musician that happens to play percussion and compose music, distinguished for his exceptional mastery of both. He has cultivated an illustrious educational and professional trajectory that underscores his commitment to musical excellence.

In 2023, George embarked on a pivotal chapter in his musical journey by enrolling at the OA Musical Academy in Washington D.C., specializing in percussion. This educational pursuit follows his successful completion of a specialized program in the Business of Music Production at the renowned Berklee College of Music, culminating in his graduation in 2022.

George is not only a product of formal education but also a recipient of recognition for his outstanding talents. In 2016, he was honored with the Stavros Niarchos Scholarship. Prior to that, in 2015, he received a prestigious scholarship from the International Music Society Gina Bachauer. His dedication to the art of music, both as a percussion virtuoso and an accomplished composer, mirrors his unwavering passion for artistic expression.

Professionally, George has garnered a reputation as a sought-after composer, commencing this journey in 2021. His compositional prowess spans a broad spectrum, including solo performances, chamber music, orchestral compositions, and contributions to the world of shortfilms and trailers.

George served as a percussionist with the various orchestra in Greece and in Europe. Furthermore, he has performed on the international stage, with notable appearances at prestigious events and festivals, where he showcased a repertoire of solo compositions, ensemble performances, and original compositions. Additionally, he contributed his artistry to the International Festival of Contemporary Dance, making his mark both as a performer and composer.

In parallel with his formal education and professional achievements, George has continually expanded his musical horizons through participation in seminars and lessons such as Evelyn Glennie, Fernando Meza, Wieland Welzel, Jean Baptiste LeClere, Marta Klimasara and Markus Leoson.

His unswerving dedication to the realm of music, whether as a multi percussionist or composer, attests to his unwavering passion for artistic expression. Inspired by the rich tapestry of musical genres and cultures, George believes that music has the power to transcend boundaries and connect people on a profound level. He draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, which inform his innovative compositions and performances.