Fran Gonzalo

Fran Gonzalo is a rudimental snare and drummer, ESTambor proyect manager. Along his life he has played in several bands and drumcorps, highlighting his position as a drummer in the international rock band ‘Tierra Santa’ and the ‘Cofradía de las Siete Palabras y del Silencio’ drumcorp. In addition to his percussion studies, Fran has taken lessons of north american rudimental drumming with Damián Bonesi and has attended masterclass with by Dom Famularo, Jojo Mayer, Ray Luzier, Virgil Donati, Steve Smith, Tommy Aldridge, Gavin Harrison, Russ Miller, Todd Sucherman and many others.

Fran is sponsored by Gonalca Percussion and HM Crisvier Percussion.