Fernando García Jiménez

Fernando García Jiménez, a Veterinary Doctor by profession, works in the state of Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico, as a teacher instructor of War Bands from the basic levels of education to the upper secondary level or high school and free as the bands with the highest level of skill in the country. Work carried out since 1997 to date with more than 20 years of experience teaching classes and advising on the specialty.

His development in the teaching of percussion, row of drums and wind instruments, infantry bugle, artillery bugle and cavalry trumpet, was carried out from the moments of his academic training as part of a militarized institution of national impact. called Pentathlon Deportivo Militarizado Universitario AC, from the 1980s until he retired from that institution as a voluntary discharge and graduated in 2007, retiring as director of the institutional bands in the state of Querétaro, along with being commander of the The flagship band of said institution is called "OSOS NEGROS", obtaining the rank of second captain within military considerations or second officer of infantry cadets in said institution.

His contribution in the midst of Mexican war bands lies in generating execution alternatives with the creation of military-style marches, adding more free musical proposals with a more contemporary style that have enjoyed great popularity and acceptance within the national environment in the arrangements of percussion and brass respectively.