Agustin Faundez Rojas

Agustin is a percussionist, drummer, educator, music therapist and researcher currently living in Santiago, Chile. Agustin was born and raised in Chile until 11 years old, at which point he moved to the United States, Washington DC tristate area. At the age of 12 he was already captivated by music and rhythms and decided to take the percussion course offered at his middle school in Reston, Virginia. Between the collective group percussion classes in school and through his private percussion instructor ,Aubrey V. Adams, he began to embark on the journey of percussion.

While studying with Aubrey Adams, the retired principal percussionist of the Air Force Band of the US, Agustin began to explore the world of classical percussion, drum set and eventually leading him to fall in love with North American Rudimental Drumming.

Agustin continued to further his studies at the State University of New York, Fredonia School of Music where he met one of his life-long mentors Dr. Kay Stonefelt. Along with her as a guiding force in the percussion and education field, Agustin developed as a well rounded percussionist, musician and educator, while also pursuing degrees in music therapy and psychology. Throughout his college studies Dr. Stonefelt was able to provide the percussion studio students an enriching environment with frequent masterclasses of incredible rudimental drummers like John Pratt, Nick Attanasio, Risto Skrikberg, Ken Mazur, and of course Mr. Mark Reilly.

After many years working as a gigging musician, educator, and music therapist Agustin went on to pursue a Masters of Music degree with a focus on Jazz drum set, at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Utrechts Conservatorium in the Netherlands. It was there where he saw the need of expanding young players's minds in the area of rudimental drumming and its technique, applicability, and development on the drum set.

Agustin currently lives and works in Santiago, Chile as a freelance musician, educator, music therapist, podcast creator and host, and where he self-imposed the task to continue sharing the many traditions of rudimental drumming that he has encountered throughout his travels and education and making rudimental drumming an accessible and translatable resource to young and developing Chilean percussion and drum set students.

Important Teachers and Mentors:

-Aubrey V. Adams, retired Principal Percussionist of the United States Air Force Band

-Dr. Kay Stonefelt, Percussion Head Faculty at SUNY Fredonia School of Music, Broadway percussionist and drummer, past-Baltimore Symphony Percussion member

-Joost Kesselaar, drum set professor at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Utrechts Conservatorium

-Ned McGowan, Flautist, Composer and Advanced and Carnatic Rhythm Professor at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Utrechts Conservatorium.